Children dancing group





 "Dear kids, you are our young generation, our hope! Thank you very much for your art, for your love to your motherland. You've won the Americans' hearts, you've built the rainbow from Kronshtadt to America…".

(from a personal message of Yu.Vorontsov, the ambassador of Russia in the USA, 18.12.93)

"The committee of culture and tourism of Sankt-Petersburg administration tanks the children dancing group "Raduga" …"Raduga" group has demonstrated their high artistic level and creativeness. The group's performances became one of brightest parts of the celebration's programme where groups from the USA , Germany, Latvia and others took part…"

(from the letter of thanks of committee of culture and tourism of Sankt-Petersburg administration, 23.07.93)

 "We highly appreciate and thank you very much for the "Raduga" group performances held in the programme of Sankt-Petersburg days in Turku. Your young dancers brought really celebration feeling for the programme…We are sending our congratulations to your "Raduga" group with their great success in Turku, which everyone really enjoyed…"

(from the letter of thanks of committee of international relations of Sankt-Petersburg administration, 06.10.97)

 "Raduga" group performances became a bright and unforgettable event for Mulhausen public. The group's concerts appeared to be a great contribution to the cultural cooperation development…"

(from personal letter of Mulhausen deputy-mayor. Mulhausen, Germany, 27.09.95)

 "This board of county commissioners does hereby commend the "Raduga" Russian children dance group, an ensemble of 7-13 year old folk dancers, is touring our area to perform on behalf of fellow St.Petersburg native, Konstantin, soliciting donations for the newly created Kuzmin fund, to help cover the cost of his treatment."

(from proclamation of board of county commissioners of county of Allegheny, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 28.12.94)

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