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Galina Kokochnikova



Dear friend!

Here is a part of Russian soul and our heart. RADUGA (RAINBOW) was founded and exists on the base of choreographical school where more than 80 talented kids get their education. Devotion to the art of dance, high skills and ingenuosness has brought well-deserved popularity to the group in the short time. RADUGA is a laureate of all-Russian and international folk festivals, a participant of popular Russian TV programmes "Morning star" and "Mini festival". Spectators from the USA, China, Germany, France, Poland, Finland have applauded to the art of our young dancers. If you wish to touch our people traditions, to plunge into the dance bright colours and people joy, you are always welcome! We love Russia very much, we love to dance and we love you- our spectators.

Director Sergey Kokochnikov

P/box 106, Kronshtadt, 189610, Russia.

Phone/fax +812 2368192 

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