Children dancing group




 Raduga can show the following performance to your attention:

1."Seasons of Russia" - 60 minutes. Dancing- games show on the ground of Russian folk dances and customs in different seasons starting with Christmas.

2."Around the world with Raduga" - 50 minutes. Dancing show on the ground of world's people dances (African, Chinese, North American, Latin American, Spanish, French, Jewish, etc.)

 The performances' production originality, a good professional level of performers, bright dresses makes them an unforgettable show for adults and children.

Raduga unique feature is that full program being produced with a minimum amount of participants, no more than 20 of them (3 adults+17 kids from 8 up to 14 years old). If performance is reduced up to 45 minutes, the participant's amount could be lesser, up to 15 persons (2 adults and 13 kids). The performance can be shown on any ground with stage cower (4x4m) and a place for actors to change their clothes. Musical accompaniment appears to be a phonogram, being recorded on standard tape.

We can take part in any program in case of our accommodation, meals, social program for our children and 50% of transportation expenses will be cowered by the program organizers.

Various people have got their popular belief, that is, if you see a rainbow, it's a sign of good luck and meeting with a good people. And we do our best for "Raduga" (Rainbow) leaves a good and light trace in spectator's hearts.

In case this proposal of ours appears to be a little interest for you, we'll highly appreciate any information concerning your partners who would like to start cooperation with us.

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